Bicycle Repairs & Fees

ALL charges exclude the cost of any parts required. Additional charges may be made if components have seized or the bike is extremely dirty but there is no need to worry about this as we also offer a full valet service.

*Please note that there is a Minimum Service charge of €15 if not part of any another work being carried out at same time.

Peace of Mind Bike Safety Check - €15

We will assess the overall roadworthiness of your bike from top to bottom checking for any safety issues & signs of wear. Special attention will be given to the tyres, frame, forks, brakes, steering, cables, gears, wheels & hubs, tyres, drive train & bottom bracket (the main axle).

Bicycle Tune-up Service - €35

It’s a good idea to get this service done every 3-6 months depending on use. It includes the full safety check as above plus check and adjust gears, brakes, tyres & steering aligned, lubricate your drive system & all external moving components, ensure all nuts & bolts to correctly fastened.

Complete Bicycle Service - €70

Check condition of cycle including chain wear, check wheel nuts / skewers are tight, check wheels are true and cones are set correctly, check rim for damage and signs of wear, check condition of tyres and inflate tubes, check pedals, cranks and b/b are tight, check headset is adjusted properly, set handlebars and stem to preferred position, remove seat post, clean, grease and refit, set saddle level and in alignment, check brake function, check gear function, road test cycle.

Full Valet Service - €25

(includes all cleaning fluids, oils and lubricants)

Internet purchased bike build & safety check - €45

Wheels & Tyres (per wheel)

Inner tube replacement - €8*
Fit new tyre - €8*
Hub service, strip, clean, grease & adjust (replace Bearings) - from €15
Wheel truing (subject to wheel condition - no more than 3mm lateral movement) - from €20
Replacing wheel and fit inner tube and tyre - €15 (either front or back)

Brake Service (per brake)

Replace inner cable, pivot points lubricated, and pads renewed - €12*
Strip and renew inner cable & outer housing - €16
Replace brake pads - €10*
Hydraulic disc brake service (per brake) - Brake cleaned & inspected, fluid replaced, full system bleed, pads inspected renewed as required - €30
New hydraulic brake hose - €15
Replace brake levers and reset brakes - €15

Gear Service (either front or back gear)

Replace inner cable, reset indexing, lubricate all pivot points - €15
Strip and renew inner cable & outer housing - €18
Front derailleur installation - €20
Rear derailleur installation - €20
Replacement hanger - €15

Drive system

Chain & free wheel/cassette installation, including gear indexing - €25
Gear indexing only - €15
Chainset replacement - €25
Free wheel/cassette Replacement - €15
Chain replacement: - €10*
Replace gear levers - €15
Bottom bracket installation from - €25
Replace pedals - €10*


Fork installation from - €35
Headset service- strip, clean, grease & adjust (replace bearings) - €25
Headset adjustment - €10*
Fit new headset and facing head tube from - €25
Replace handlebars - €18
Bar tape replacement - €8*

Bicycle Suspension Repair

Front shock service from - €35
Replace rear suspension coil/spring - €25

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